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Welcome to you all, especially to those of you who have attended one of my courses, worked with me on a project, or used one of my profilers to assess your skills.
Based in England, I continue to travel internationally for your organizations, delivering training, coaching, conducting project reviews and facilitating kick-off meetings.
Please email me at if you want to run a highly interactive project management training course for your company - where participants can apply what they learn immediately after the course.
Let me help your organization and staff in the following areas:
  • Simplify the way projects are managed by minimising plan and control complexity
  • Make your staff aware of their leadership and motivational abilities in a project team
  • Provide your project managers with a minimum set of documents to manage
  • Discuss with your management their responsibilities as project sponsors
  • Show your teams how to develop business strategies before projects start
With over 20 years experience in project management and business strategy development in a variety of industries, let me give you the knowledge to help you and your staff succeed.
With regards

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